“Just as there are many forms of artistic expression that have their roots in hip hop culture, many in the Washington, DC area have a unique artistic rhythm that is influenced by go-go.” – Ninety-Nine


The DC Brand 99 blog is written by media personality “99“, known for work with Take Me Out to the Go-Go Magazine and best known internationally as the author Tahira Chloe Mahdi.

Through go-go journalism and the “A.R.T. of Go-Go” events, DC Brand 99 is a vehicle of cultural advocacy in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

The “A.R.T. of Go-Go” events celebrate the diversity of artists who have been inspired by Washington DC’s homegrown music: musicians, visual artists, apparel designers, lyricists, comedians, writers, DJs, producers, and All Related Talent (ART).

Watch the “ART of Go-Go” promo video at: http://youtu.be/ASOBSaTeoow

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