Books by Tahira Chloe Mahdi / “99”


God Laughs, Too: Incidents in the Life of a Black Chick (fiction, 2001, 2003)

When urban fiction meets God, all HELL breaks loose!!

Na’imah just wants to be a good girl and have her name pronounced correctly, but the cold and cruel world just won’t cooperate.  With friends like Amber, who wears her jealousy better than her tacky outfits, and Aaron, the boyfriend who prefers weed over intimacy… Na’imah needs no enemies.  Add that to her lust for dangerous places and addictive substances, and you get a tale that boils over with hardcore humor and biting reality.  Believing that her conscience is the voice of God, she gives hilarious, jaw-dropping accounts of what happens when she doesn’t take His advice.

“In your face… groundbreaking and unprecedented.” – The Washington Afro-American newspaper





How to Be Queen of the Universe (self-help, 2005)

They’re not your annoying coworkers, unruly boyfriends, jealous girlfriends, meddling family members, or health problems… They’re your loyal subjects!  Make them bow down, now and forever!

In this stylish, spicy self-help gem, Tahira Chloe Mahdi’s signature badassery once again bridges the gap between spirituality and young women’s everyday drama.  Though most of the advice is straight from the author, she includes quotes, proverbs, song lyrics and movie lines to drive home the message that being Queen of the Universe is not only possible, but necessary.

What separates this book from other literary you-go-girl rallies is the inclusion of advice from a focus group of males aged 21-43.  They tell why a woman’s looks aren’t as important as she thinks, why they cheat with less attractive women, how simple it is to win them over, and why you shouldn’t make sex so easy for them.