Head-Roc with daughter, 2012

Congratulations to the Mayor of DC Hip Hop, artist and activist Head-Roc, who is on his way to New Orleans to share his talents for a 6-week venture.  In a prestigious recognition of his work, he has been awarded the Highlander Research and Education Center‘s Zilphia Horton Cultural Organizing Project Residency.

According to the Highlander Center‘s website, individuals who receive this honor “help organizations expand the role of art and culture in their organizing and advocacy efforts”.

From Head-Roc’s announcement:

Highlander Center is THE hallowed hall of community organizing and artist activist training in the United States, boasting attendance by such iconic names as Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Pete Seeger! THIS IS A HUGE DEAL, FAMILY!”

Picture by Kymone Tecumseh Freeman

Picture by Kymone Tecumseh Freeman

The rapper is known just as much for his arts advocacy in DC as he is for his charismatic stage performances, giving him a unique outlet in the United States social justice and progressive communities.  Infamous for early career freestyle battles, tight true-emcee lyricism with hip hop collective Infinite Loop and killer band 3LG, socially conscious solo projects, and perfect Funkateer showmanship and songwriting with powerhouse funk rock band GODISHEUS, Head-Roc’s shock waves reach the world’s shores.

Separating hip hop from social justice is an impossibility, as journalists, music producers, and activists around the world continue to stumble upon his work and keep him working.  His song “Keep DC Wal-Mart Free“, now a year old, was featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered” this past week.

Within the last two days, national pop media attention has come to the racist name of Washington, DC’s football team, with people such as comedian/actor Katt Williams and current DC mayor Vincent Gray taking public stands that the name needs to be changed.  Once again, attention came around to Head-Roc, whose song “Change That Name” has been available online to his inner circle and fan following, circulated when Washington loses a game.  What’s ironic (but not really) is that Head-Roc and his daughter (pictured above) never miss a Washington game and are two diehard fans, despite his very vocal protest of the team’s name.

Speaking of WANTING to see Washington, DC WIN… DC Brand 99 congratulates Head-Roc for being awarded such an important residency.  We know you’ll be on your ambassador job, riling up the folks in New Orleans just like you do back home in DC.  Much love!

Send-off party:

  • Friday, January 11, 2013
  • Marx Cafe, 3203 Mount Pleasant Street, NW
  • 5pm to 9pm