In the midst of these elitist, co-opting DC snobs… you need this one right here.

Peace, respect, prosperity, continued perfection in your self-expression, and LOVE to Integrity Entertainment for this rap co-lab by Killa Cal, Cedes, Kendall, and Brandi.

For all of us looked down upon because of the circumstances to which we were born,
For all of us who are letting the Light within guide us into the infinite reaches of the universe,
For all of us who have decided that violence is not the way to show these muh-FUH-uhs [Bmore pronunciation] what’s really hood,
For all of us who are knockin’ ’em out with our A.R.T.,
For all of us who see the God Power in a proper Co-Lab

DC legend Frederick Douglass said, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress,”
and in “Dream Big,” Cedes says:
We switched to success from the struggle / We live the dream because we learned to hustle.