“DC funk rock comes in different flavors, which are exposed by the bands’ front men whose voices point to telling undercurrents in the music.  For example, where Head-Roc’s vocals pick up the go-go in GODISHEUS songs, Sub-Z’s vocals romance the rock ‘n’ roll in Thaylobleu‘s. These funk rockers also thrive with socially conscious lyrics, which is always worth saying, but seems not worth saying because the music speaks so well for itself.” – DC Brand 99 (May 2014)

GOD*IS*HE*US and Gotta See Us, indeed.  Witness the miracle of funk that Divine Wisdom has brought together: both bands in one show, at The Kennedy Center, crankin’ to infinity this Saturday, August 23rd at 6pm on the Millennium Stage.  This performance is first in the #ChocolateCityRocks series.