Flyer for 'DC Symphony III' provided by
Go-Go Divas (l to r): Karis, Kacey, Mercedes, Adia

The Crank Brothers are at it again with “DC Symphony III”, an “all-female rap go-go record,” according to Bag of Beats RecordsThe Crank Brothers, a team of musicians boasting a redefinition of crank, has collaborated with amalgamations of DC area rappers twice before with the songs “DC Symphony” (2009) and “DC Symphony II” (2011), also released by Bag of Beats Records.  For the latest such fusion of rap and go-go, Bag of Beats has brought together some of the hottest ladies to ever wreck a mic on a go-go stage.

Flyer for 'DC Symphony III' provided by Go-Go Divas (l to r): Karis, Kacey, Mercedes, Adia

Flyer for ‘DC Symphony III’ provided by
Go-Go Divas (l to r): Ms. Karis, Kacey, Cedes, Queen Adia


     Who are these ladies on “DC Symphony III”, dubbed ‘a pocketful of dymes’ in the song’s intro by Ninety-Nine?  Go-Go fans are familiar with these ladies, having seen them on stage and video for quite some time.  But, to describe the unique skills they bring to go-go and why they are expected to blow our minds with this musical alliance, we got one of the real critical thinkers in the go-go game. He is an artist at heart with finely-tuned ears, precise eyes, and metrical minds that stir to the rhythm of everything from a funky beat to a lady’s style of walk.

Mark Te’ago Ward, a.k.a. The One, is a funk philosopher and has been a staple behind the scenes in go-go since 1994.

Resume: The Woodshed: 1994-2000; Fatal Attraction Band: 2002-2004, 2005-2007; TMOTTGoGo: 1996-?; A go-go groover from 1981-present; the inspiration behind the character Te’ago in God Laughs, Too: Incidents in the Life of a Black Chick.

His thoughts:

 “Karis is a dime from Be’la Dona crankin’ the 1 spot. She adds a dimension to go-go I never seen before. A person lead talkin’ and playin’ the timbales. A damn dime beauty! I dig her mic swag. She is at one with the crank.”

Kacey is a beauty that had me fallin’ in crank with her musically. Watching her is like seein’ someone ascend into music. Shawdy has her own sound and soul swag. Hey, she got me wanting to press play each and every day. [laughs]”

Mercedes told us nuccas not to be leapin’ out like frogs as a teen in 2002 when I first saw her wit’ a then teenaged Fatal Attraction Band in the studio. Give this beauty a track and she can have you a song in less than 30 minutes! Crank!”

Adia is a fiery beauty I saw with Familiar Faces in 2005 rockin’ her mic spot like she had been there years before. Made me comfortable. Now doin’ her thang wit’ 360! She rocks that 3rd mic and has ‘the voice’ delivery for music.”

  DC SYMPHONY III!!  Oooh wee!!!   The bomb drops on July 1, 2013, and go-go media outlets such as TMOTTGoGo Radio and GoGoRadio already have interviews and articles scheduled to capture the history being made with this record.  Go-Go fans… Can we do it for the ladies?? OH MY GOD!!


“DC Symphony” (2009),  the Crank Brothers featuring: Muggsy Malone, 32, Mo Chips, Mo Million, Dayo, and Killa Cal (video link)

“DC Symphony II” (2011), the Crank Brothers featuring: Mo Chips, Warchild, Dugee F Bueller, D-Nasty, and Mo Million