NEW VIDEO “Go-Go Symphony III (Pocket Full of Dymes)” featuring empresses of the go-go scene.

“DC Symphony III (Pocket Full of Dymes)” at once reps a set, gives the ladies an anthem, winks at the fellas, and holds itself down as a classic for DC classics’ sake. The artists, representing the go-go microphone, remind us that females have long held their own in what is said to be a very male-dominated genre.  Women in go-go have not only impressed us with all-female bands such as Pleasure, Precise, or the current favorite mega-group Be’la Dona; individual female artists have drawn their own followings over the years and have made their own paths in the DC entertainment game.  Showing out for those ladies who crank to the beat of their own drum, the superstars on this track by the Crank Brothers let you know how DC area women get down.   Movers and shakers… have some fun with 99, Ms. Karis, Cedes, Kacey, and Queen Adia.

The video was shot and edited by Anthony “Gadget” Mims of Digital Hustle Films and Scratch Magazine TV.  His hip hop inspired digital shorts introduce us to producers and DJs through series such as Needle Droppin’ and Behind the Beats.