Slanguage: A Brain Cell.e.bration is the solo masterpiece of Dimensions, a/k/a Dimes, of the hip hop supergroup A.R.K. (formerly known as The Package).  This album is smart and entertaining as Dimes displays the various dimensions of his identity: father, DC homeboy, reformed ruffian, Casanova.  He is a very complete emcee, and Slanguage satisfies in so many ways.


Dimes’ artistic style reflects the soul of hip hop.  His voice is enticing, all at once raspy and smoove, allowing him the flexibility to give some of that doowahdiddy in the midst of his rapping.  The formula works especially well with the production genius of fellow Package member Theory, who did most of the tracks, as well as with the brilliance of other production greats such as Slimkat78 and Mr. Hu.  This album has the head nod shit, the dancefloor shit, and everything else you need from a hip hop project, including the good art-of-storytelling shit.

Like all the great soul men of Black music, he expertly slangs lyrics and melody to holla at a lady, showing off his bad boy flirt on the songs “Window Shoppin’”, “The Pursuit of Hot”, and “Incubus”.  What makes them all so intriguing and fun is that he’s kickin’ good game over some naaaasty beats.  Smart DJ’s will put them in rotation to get these broads to freakin’—from the front, with full eye contact.

There is a go-go infused track that pays homage to his Northeast DC roots, but Dimes proves fully capable of representing the District via the other tracks that are pure, unmistakable hip hop.  The album also includes a nice hip hop reggae joint (pun) that you’re sure to love, even if legalization is not on your list of priorities.

On Slanguage: A Brain Cell.e.bration, Dimensions takes a Grown Man stance, on point AND ready to party.  It’s not just a must-have; it’s a must-show-off.