Some Washington, DC mainstream media outlets are using incorrect information about the ceiling collapse at the 200 I [Eye] Street Gallery in Southeast to perpetuate negative press that is often imposed upon the beloved music of the people.

The event on Friday, August 16, 2013 was neither a “go-go party” nor a tribute to Chuck Brown as some outlets reported.  It was, in fact, the Opening Gala for the multimedia art show “Go-Go Swing: Washington DC’s Unstoppable Beat”, an extraordinary exhibit curated by Zoma Wallace and presented by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.  The gala included a red carpet entrance, as well as opening remarks by DCCAH Executive Director Lionel Thomas and DC Mayor Vincent Gray, among others.

At least ten people were injured when two different parts of the ceiling collapsed during a band performance, though only eight opted to be evaluated at local hospitals.  Two of the transported individuals were bleeding from the head and/or nose, and two individuals suffered eye injuries.

Pictures are courtesy of Reggphoto.


Injured individual


Injury to head

“Go-Go Swing: Washington, DC’s Unstoppable Beat” is a spectacular art show that includes pictures, instruments, paintings, PA tapes and other multimedia pieces that tell the history of go-go music.  You should hope that the exhibit will be moved to another location soon, because it should not be missed.  Kudos to everyone who worked on putting it together and to DCCAH for supporting the people’s music.

A full video package of the event will be available soon via DC Brand 99 and ReggPhoto, including interviews with DCCAH staff, the curator Zoma Wallace, and Big G a.k.a. Anwan Glover, a popular actor and the lead talker for Backyard Band.


Big G (Anwan Glover) interviewed by 99 at the DCCAH’s ‘Go-Go Swing’ opening gala.