Sonus and Renzo

Carlos Lorenzo Johnston, D.C.-based writer, producer, director, talent manager, and visual artist, made his transition on the morning of August 30, 2017 after a short battle with cancer.  Friends and collaborators are celebrating his passion for music, story writing, film making, and comic books.

In 2008, Johnston created The Urban 30, a superhero fiction blog set in Washington, D.C.  He gathered a team of writers and illustrators, and much like a true-to-life superhero team, the group took on the task of creating more diversity in comics.  In addition to the blog, Johnston spearheaded promotion for The Urban 30 by releasing motion comics such as “Urban 30: Off Duty,” “Hitman RBD,” and the live-action “Real Heroes of DC,” a comedic take on local heroes trying to join the Urban 30 crew.

The Urban 30 Superheroes

The Urban 30 Superheroes

His creative career also included talent management, and he was instrumental in the artistic development of several local R&B singers.  A fine singer in his own right, Johnston’s knowledge of Black music—especially R&B—made him a source for information and support with many music projects.  He directed at least two music videos for area artists.

This year, Johnston and his creative team wrapped up work on the web series App Love, set for September release.  Like Johnston’s other works of fiction, the six episodes of App Love are set in Washington, D.C.  As writer, producer, and director of the series, Johnston took care to use set design to showcase the work of local artists, artisans, authors, and others.  Such enthusiasm for uplifting the work of others is a hallmark of the legacy he leaves.

Lorenzo Johnston (left) on an App Love set

Lorenzo Johnston (left) on set for App Love

His collaborators plan to carry forth the goals he set into motion and to let his work and art live on through their own projects.  Look for App Love trailer, GIFs, and the full series release in early September.


*pictures from the Facebook page of Lorenzo Johnston