Speaking of producer/emcee combos, Head-Roc just dropped a new project with all beats done by Black Ink.  On Black Leon, Head-Roc’s second exhibition in 2013, Black Ink’s tracks lay a foundation for the mic maestro to explore a richness of expression that is distinctive from his previous work.  For example, where his album Black Rock Star Super Hero Music Street Tape was a celebratory amalgamation of DC funk rather symbolic of the Mayor of DC Hip Hop, the Black Leon compilation does this thing where it seeps into some of the thirstiest crevices of your musical tastes.

It’s a testament to the power of a great producer who can reach into an artist and pull out new designs, as Black Ink’s melodies have extracted and exposed a few new verbal stylings from Head-Roc.  The sequence of songs plays well with your favored intoxicants, and you’ll find yourself floating in the rivers of Head-Roc’s chronicles, comprehending the journey of an artist with a conscious and some balls, loungin’ like you was in a chill spot somewhere on the other side of the world.

Marx Cafe, a bar that serves Greek tapas in the Mount Pleasant section of DC, sounds like the perfect spot to take that red pill.  (No cover.)