Seeing all these memes from “men” about not wanting “men to use the bathroom with my daughter.”

  • I have been using the same bathrooms as women-in-transition for many years now.  Sometimes, if they are alone, they walk in—head down, afraid—and rush through the normal human experience of visiting a public bathroom.  Other times, they walk in, head held high, taking their time—being just another woman in the bathroom.  I couldn’t imagine any of them attempting to use the men’s bathroom.


  • Know what’s been scary over the years about bathrooms?  Bullies.  There was an episode of The Simpsons (“Separate Vocations”) where Lisa’s friend Janey tried to stop her from going into a particular bathroom, warning, “That’s a bad girls’ bathroom.”  I would bet that BOYS throughout the years have had to fear people of their own supposed gender during the normal human experience of using a public bathroom.

Lisa and Donna and Donna's friend (from Simpsons Wiki)

Seeing the stories about the Delaware girl who was beaten to death in a bathroom made me think about unsafe bathrooms.


  • I am starting to hate memes.  The funny ones always have at least one misspelling.  Like people can’t be funny AND get with spell-check.  Or they can’t just remember basic grammar rules from 2nd grade.  But anyway…


  • The memes against trans people have the appearance of men trying to protect young girls.  But, most of us women know it’s all bullshit.  There are sooooo many more ways in which men and boys could protect girls and women.  I got my first unwanted sexual advance from a male when I was 3 years old.  I cannot remember a time when boys and grown ass men were NOT harassing the girls and women in my life.  Why don’t men tell each other that shit ain’t cool?


  • I fuckin’ hated that video with the woman walking down the street in New York, counting every time a man said “Hello” to her.  “Hello” and “Hey Beautiful, have a nice day,” are perfectly humane greetings in a so-called civil society, especially if a man can smile and keep on stepping.  What we are angry about is actual harassment… dumb shit like the grown ass man yelling, “Hey Miss Light Skin, can I get a minute?” from across the damn street, just this past weekend.

A lot of men don’t give a shit about that or about protecting us from it.  Even the ones with daughters try to police their own daughters and then turn around and harass other people’s daughters.

If I can take a moment to evaluate their performance, “hetero” men are doing a piss-poor job of protecting us.

Many would rather try to control us and compare us to each other, as if we exist only for their pleasure and appraisal.

Do we NEED men to protect us?  Are they mad because they can feel us questioning their ability to?  Each man can protect women from HIMSELF.

They need to hu-man the fuck up.  Ain’t nobody got time for this bitchassness.

“I have the power,” said He-Man.  Be like He-Man?


  • Transgender does not mean “predator.”  The people I know who have been harassed and violated were violated by heterosexuals (I don’t know the “cis” terms and other new lingo too well)… but you get my point.  They were “normal” fucks.  Except that they were predators.


  • These (supposedly) hetero men won’t shut the fuck up with their fake ass protection of ME in the bathroom. They talkin’ all that shit, playin’ R Kelly’s music, ignoring the family members, clergy figures, and MEN IN THE MIRROR who are victimizing girls and women.
    They party… and bullshit… and party… and bullshit…

P.S. – Protect your SONS from predators (too).  There was some chatter lately about girls needing to cover up to protect themselves from men’s gazes.  Guess what?  That doesn’t work.  Here is just one example of why that’s some bullshit.  But for all the BOYS being violated… are THEIR skirts too short?  Are they safe with men in bathrooms?  Also, are we checking predators who are WOMEN?