A thought or feeling that you knew you had, just as much as you knew that there was no way to articulate it.

Nena Brown has the gift to put such thoughts and feelings into just the right words.

A go-go lover, an employee, a student, a single mom, a chick in your social circle whose opinion actually carries weight… She wrtites from varying perspectives–these and countless others, “depending on who I am when I write it,” she said in an interview with DC Brand 99.  She is The Untraditional Adult for whom her blog is named, and her stories encompass so much more than what her fans may have expected after following her insider outlook on all things go-go via Take Me Out to the Go-Go Magazine.

Her blog, however, is not about go-go and not about Washington, DC.  It is about life and the shit that happens.  That’s why the best thing about the blog is that Nena Brown knows her shit.  Her witty and hilarious interpretations of life’s shit are the things that avid readers love about good books.  It’s in the telling, and you’ll be so glad she told it like it is.

Nena Brown is untraditional in the fact that she both defies AND fits stereotypes about a go-go loving single mom from the DC area.  She has the uncanny gift to lay it all out for us so that we may laugh and identify, but further, so that an untapped aspect of life’s shit will be illuminated.  Don’t waste your time on expectations; she’ll only defy them.  When you get into her ride, just sit back and enjoy.  The journey is brief but vivid, as her blog fits perfectly into those daily moments when you’re in between tasks and could use a quick and funny reprieve as you snack and sip your way back to some real energy.

She is an artist for sure, fitting that bill of artistic awesome because of how she conceptualizes everyday things.  When artists share these talents with those outside of their own realm of abstract wonder, there is no limit to the insight and inspiration they might provide to an open mind.  Seek and ye shall find.