Reesa Renee has a boundless, compelling dynamism that grabs art-chasing hearts and music-loving minds.  Whenever she performs in the DC area, social media is all abuzz about how great her shows are.  Enjoying such strong audience love while pushing an album as solid as Reelease, Reesa Renee is well on her way to the career heights of her dreams.

It’s a great feeling to meet a rising young star in one’s hometown and actually believe in the person’s talent as well as their ability to obtain large-scale popularity beyond the regional borders.  The feeling gets better over time when such an artistic whiz kid comes up in the entertainment game paying dues, earning stripes, and overcoming the fears and doubts that threaten to tank many up-and-comers.  Reesa Renee has the thing, the it factor, the je ne sais quoi that makes her the type of artist we want to root for—not just because she’s from the DC area, but because of the magic that surrounds her.

Reelease’s musical journey does rep for DC, but the album itself proves to have all the appeal of an international pop sensation.   Students of the DC music scene would pick up on a few go-go elements that those unacquainted would not, but Reesa Renee doesn’t count on the local flavoring to separate her project from other artists’.  She does the jazz, she does the hip-hopped R&B, and she does the alternative pop so well that it’s not improbable for her to gain fame from those cuts alone.  Still, the album is true art of the region, as all of the artists on her collaborations are from the DC area.  “The musicians, producers and engineers too!” @Reesa Renee tweeted to @DC Brand 99.

Her bio doesn’t call her a singer but an ‘artist, musician, songwriter, and lyrical poet,’ a description that croon snobs should keep in mind when evaluating her vocals on the album.  Reelease offers Reesa Renee’s signature lilt on compositions that reflect her own optimistic disposition and self-insight.  The production demonstrates openness to the musical universe and its possibilities for a songwriting, artsy, poetic musician like Reesa.  It’s a fun CD that sounds like mothers and daughters should bump it in their rides on warm, sunny days under an open sunroof.  Reconcile that with the fact the fans bragging about their Reesa Renee show experience include quite a lot of grown ass, go-go grooving men.

Say word, that kind of appeal speaks volumes about her aptitude for stardom, especially because she has been able to plant her well-respected flag in the tough terrain of the DC entertainment scene.  Whichever way you slice it, all signs point to Reesa Renee giving the people what they want.

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Reesa Renee with 99 at the first "A.R.T. of Go-Go"

Reesa Renee with 99 at the first “A.R.T. of Go-Go”