Serendipity #11: Intergalactic Faction, by Shannadora Hollis

She walks like us, she talks like us; she loves go-go, hip hop, and her own DC style.

Shannadora Hollis is a three-dimensional artist from Northeast DC who creates Serendipities by Shannadora, canvas paintings that have been featured in businesses and shows from DC to Baltimore and most recently in North Carolina.  She’s fairly new to this medium, first using acrylic and oil about three years ago, then graduating to mixed-media.  Her business name is a tribute to the fact that she’s not extremely intentional with her art, sometimes starting a piece and not finishing it until months later.  “When I feel those creative moments,” she says, “I build upon that.”

Speaking of building, there is another reason Shannadora is perfectly fine with letting a painting rest until it calls her to finish.  She recently completed her Master’s degree in — get this — Molecular Medicine.  This freelance science writer hails from the prestigious Meyerhoff Graduate Fellows Program.  As a scientist, she’s used to feeling like an anomale.   However, she loves meeting scientifically minded people who also invest in their artistic qualities.

Shannadora fits neither the scientist nor the artist stereotype.  Her intelligence, talent, beauty, and ’round-the-way charm are wrapped in a most familiar package.  Check out her work and infuse your home or office with some sweet, sticky serendipity.  Follow Serendipities by Shannadora on Twitter @shopsrndipities


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