“I come from a planet called Anacostia,” said Terence “Sub-Z” Nicholson into the mic, though D.P. did most of the talkin’ during Thaylobleu’s May 12th show at Black Cat.  The best DC funk bands master the art of talkin’ to us, and Thaylobleu got their own funk rock rhythm of it.  Song lyrics speak to higher thought, while in-between-jam banter keeps your attention on its toes.

Each of the four band members has a stage presentation and performance style unique from the others, but their unity comes through powerfully via your sense of sound.  With a thoroughly decadent crank, Thaylobleu’s style unlocks a hidden pulse within, putting you at risk for instigating/inspiring some slam dancin’ with strangers.  One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Black Cat show was watching individuals in the audience being ignited and then sparking a flame in fellow fervent headnodders standing close by.

This DC funk/rock is in a different flavor, exposed by the band’s front man, whose voice points to telling undercurrents in the music.  For example, Sub-Z’s vocals romance the rock ‘n’ roll in Thaylobleu.  These funk rockers also thrive with socially conscious lyrics, which is always worth saying, but seems not worth saying because the music speaks so well for itself.

Truth or dare?  Thaylobleu is the correct answer and the task you must accomplish.  Online videos don’t do them justice; the music is LIVE and best served as such.  Follow @thaylobleu for updates and info.


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