TMOTTGoGo's Preston, Maiah, Kato, Mark, & Nena

DMV, Worldwide (November 2, 2016) – Take Me Out to the Go-Go Media (TMOTTGoGo)  is celebrating its 20th Anniversary as the primary source for information on go-go music history and go-go culture.  Go-Go fans, local history buffs, and former TMOTT “message board” members are invited to participate in related activities.  By accessing the hashtag #TMOTTGoGo20, the nostalgic and the curious can find the classic pictures and videos that have been shared all year.

Besides the importance of archiving local history and culture, TMOTTGoGo has also been essential for building community, a cornerstone of the 20th Anniversary celebration.  Founder Kato Hammond has created a Facebook group for a TMOTTGoGo Community Forum Board Reunion.  Members are those who frequented the “TMOTT Message Board” between 1997 and 2007, before Facebook rendered such platforms obsolete.  TMOTTGoGo is also inviting the community to put a #TMOTTGoGo20 overlay on their social media profile pics.  Photos are uploaded at, and returned with the overlay displaying their old TMOTTGoGo username.  The 20th Anniversary celebration will culminate with a holiday event in December.  Details will be available as the promotion unfolds.  In the meantime, sales are up for TMOTTGoGo-themed gear, customizable through

Members of the old "message board" celebrating TMOTTGoGo's 20th Anniversary with profile pic overlays.

TMOTTers “Money Green” and “Soldya” celebrating TMOTTGoGo’s 20th Anniversary with profile pic overlays.

Take Me Out to the Go-Go Media—and more specifically, Kato Hammond’s expertise—has been an important source of information to local and national mainstream media outlets since its beginning.  In 2014, Hammond was  featured on WETA’s “Washington in the ‘80s” and, in 2015, on TV One’s Unsung, the “Chuck Brown and Go-Go” episode.   In 2015, Hammond also published his critically acclaimed autobiography Take Me Out to the Go-Go: The Autobiography of Kato Hammond about his experiences during the evolution of go-go culture.  Kato Hammond’s cultural impact is now and forever validated, as he is quoted in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture’s exhibit on go-go music.