As TMOTTRadio explodes into live programming, listeners will get more than what they’re used to from the online go-go radio pioneers of the Take Me Out to the Go-Go crew.  Listeners will also hear local hip hop, soul, and funk artists on the flagship show “99 & Kato,” set to start on Friday, September 19th.

From host, Ninety-Nine:  “As community journalists, Kato and I have respectively amassed interesting collections of local music over the years.  Area artists have recorded albums, EPs, various compilations, and singles that never got radio play, and for indie artists, a life circumstance can derail plans to heavily promote one’s work.  So, in true TMOTTGoGo tradition, we figure out what we need from the media and we do it ourselves.  Our show is perfect to have some fun with local artists, local entertainment insiders, and our folks all over the country who get their go-go fix from TMOTTRadio.  I’m sure some people will be surprised to hear their music on the show.  And, FYI… I got you too, Baltimore!”

TMOTTGoGo originated the online go-go radio movement back in 1998 with “WTGO,” a recorded show made available through tmottgogo.com, starring several TMOTT staffers.  From 2006-2010, TMOTTGoGo recorded a morning show for gogoradio.com, with a revolving cast of TMOTT contributors.  January 2012 brought the debut of TMOTTRadio.com, and September 2014 marks the start of its live programming format, following a fundraising campaign earlier in the year. **Click here to see DC Brand 99’s “History of Go-Go Media,” based on TMOTTGoGo’s journey to the live radio format.**