Zo Black Da Rappa will make you dig that young shit.  His debut album #WTFIZB Da Mixtape takes the Silver Spring, MD artist above and beyond same-age peers who are just skating by in the modern hip hop masquerade.  His lyrics reflect a determination to be a true emcee, and his style proves that he can roll pop or true school and still outshine others with whom he may be categorized.  This project is a winner because Zo Black demonstrates a self-awareness beyond his years, with rhymes that resonate with those that know what it’s like to give your heart to your craft, to have your dreams questioned, and to prove your superpowers to your Self.


His technique reveals a careful deliberation of what it means to be a hip hop artist that comes across in songs like “Need A Deal” and the title track “#WTFIZB (Intro).”  Some songs show off a genuine romantic nature that doesn’t even dissipate on “Pop That,” the song about strippers.  These hoes ain’t poppin’ p* for no broke n*, the hook goes on this fifth track that at first sounds like it doesn’t belong on the album.  Deeper into the composition, though, we get in on the wink and nudge between artist and listener.  It actually turns out to be a great alternative way to relate to the ladies, who will likely appreciate the song and sentiment.


Overall, #WTFIZB has great balance of style, content, and relatability.  Zo Black Da Rappa flows as an artist does when in that love-hate relationship with the entertainment industry, where seeking corporate sponsorship for the money or maintaining indie status for the freedom can be a moment-to-moment mindset.  But, there is one thing Zo Black knows that you will understand after giving his skills a listen: we need more of him in the game. He has all the right elements to make an explosion, so what’s up?  Where the F* is Zo Black?  #WTFIZB

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