Pictured: Original vinyl record art by Lobyn Hamilton

Ayo You,


They beat You down mentally, insisting that You aren’t good enough just the way You are.  Then, they made up images of what they need You to be, and they molded You to meet their needs.  They did it so that You would always feel like You needed them.


They gave those substitute, false representations of yourself to You freely.  It was something better than nothing, so You accepted it.  You don’t even how great You are.


Sometimes, I think You know.  But, You have been trained to doubt yourself, so now You talk yourself out of being yourself.  You don’t even believe people when they tell You how great You are.


Just like You almost find yourself sometimes, so do others.  They like the You that is YouYou‘re an original.  But, your spirit has been broken.


You don’t even remember that all You need is in You.  Look inside of YouYou‘re in there.


Those things outside of You, those things You look to for a hint of who You might be, were placed there by them — just falsehoods and other broken spirits.  You won’t find You there.  Go within and You won’t have to go without.  Do You believe me?

Don’t believe the hype.


Hey You, Why Owe You??

Give yourself back to yourself. And, thank You.