Intel gathered at:

Layla Lounge, Washington, DC

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Your appetizers are the fun and original songs by Wisdom Speeks you may have heard on TMOTTRadio, but the full DC Funk gourmet buffet absolutely must be experienced at their live show.  No doubt, the musicians provide a great sound, but in person, they offer a reciprocal great time as they invite the audience into a psychedelic go-go trip that will, indeed, get you lifted.

Whop (lead), Dana Renee (rapper), and them Freak-a-Deek horns (Nic and Milt) give an exciting front line performance.  Whop and Dana are apparently from the Parliament school, where the law is “you got to wear your sunglasses… so you can feel cool.”  Note: They got the gangsta lean and y’all should dig their sunroof top.


From show start to end, the crank is on.  No slow-rolling in on a warm up, just diving right in to the pool of what you came to hear.  A most delicious treat to be savored within the richness of the Wisdom Speeks sound is the clever naughtiness of Whop’s raspy voice.  It’s the thing that makes a whole club sing “Va-gi-na-uuhh!!” with him while swaying to a captivating reggae-esque beat sensuously exhaled by the band.

Really, though, you gotta let Wisdom Speeks speak to you.  Ladies, talk back with your hips.  Fellas, facilitate like your years of go-go hunny experience taught you to.  (Shout out to The GoGoHuniez).

Wisdom Speeks Live Muzic, kudos to a tight ass team:

Keys- Richfingaz
Drums- Mike
Guitar- Joe
Bass- Shaq
Percussion- Joc
Lead- Whop
Rapper-Dana Renee