WASHINGTON, D.C., October 15, 2017 — On Sunday, Three Zero Media debuted App Love, a six-episode web series about relationships, situationships, and the technology in between, with a bright Washington, D.C. backdrop.  The series premiere party was held at Anacostia Arts Center.

“Apps are the future, dude,” says Jamal, an app designer who often enlists his friends to test his latest developments.  These apps, created to do things like break up with your girlfriend or lock a sexy picture so that it can be shared but not downloaded, cause major drama between the players in Jamal’s social circle.

App Love is an enjoyable watch, visually pleasing, with great set design featuring many locally-based artists.  Watch the six episodes in order!

App Love is available on YouTube and on Facebook.


App Love is the creation of C. Lorenzo Johnston, a local writer and film producer who died of cancer last month.  Johnston wrote, directed, and produced, and cast the series, and after he fell ill, his Three Zero Media team of collaborators, Christopher A. Brown and W. Lynn Horton, worked to complete the project.

W. Lynn Horton and Christopher A. Brown of Three Zero Media

W. Lynn Horton and Christopher A. Brown of Three Zero Media at the App Love premiere party at Anacostia Arts Center


Anacostia Arts Center (interior). App Love Premiere Party viewing.