Thaylobleu knows how to give it to you.  Up in your guts with that hardcore rock & roll, Oscars & Jellyfish takes you on a thoughtfully constructed joyride.  The album maintains the “truth and dare” madness of Thaylo’s live shows and still hits the right auditory spots.

Terence “Sub-Z” Nicholson’s assortment of vocalism fuses just right with the instrumentation of each particular song.  The musicians’ craftsmanship and great instincts are highlighted in the way that the rhythms and the vocals party together so well.  You may look like a fool doing your air drums, trying to keep up with [drummer] Joe Hall, but do it anyway because you won’t be able to contain yourself.  Just find two homies for air guitar to keep up with Durl Purry and Terence, and another to do William Vaughn’s bass.

These men have mastered the art of allure, and their music gets you fully involved.  It’s so captivating in its everydayness… yet it’s so far from that everyday shit.

Thaylo Black Cat May 12 '14

Thaylobleu Funk Parade '15 T & B

The album is efficient in terms of its length and the variety its of songs.  It communicates with the diversity of your musical demands without being too moody or all-over-the-place.  The compositions elicit a natural, authentic manner of head bangin’ and chest thumpin’ that can feel differently from song to song.  For example, the braggadocio in “Rose in the Briars” shows up differently than the combination of shut-em-down and thoughtful reflection in “Bones of Contention.”  Nicholson’s elegant lyrics can help you find your footing.

The interludes are placed at points that allow you to compose yourself as the band clutches your beating heart in its hands.  At the beginning, “Veni…” sounds like the pulsation of possibilities in that space between a promise and a warning.  In the middle, “Vidi…” sounds like bomb sex.  At the almost-end, “Vixi.” sounds like a sweet sigh of satisfaction.

This album rides well in the car and will do well for frontin’ with the windows down.  It also blasts well in the residence, so rock wit’ it and release yo’self.

Thaylobleu’s Oscars & Jellyfish will be released to the public on June 17th.  Their album release show is on Thursday, June 16th at The Velvet Lounge in D.C.



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